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  • Marci Baron

Last weekend, I attended a milestone celebration for a lifelong and wonderful friend of mine. We have a mutual friend, whom I once called my best friend. She was in attendance with her husband and children and I was there with my daughter.

But it was if we had never known one another, never shared so many milestones, and enjoyed happy times together as well as the difficult. It was odd being strangers to someone that I had regarded as a sister for over thirty years.

You must be wondering, "What happened that caused this rift?"

The cliff notes...part of my path, part of my evolution as a soul, was to learn to say no to events that did not serve me.

Setting these boundaries has been a challenge for me, because I am, by nature, a people pleaser. I don't want to disappoint people. I don't ever want to hurt anyone. And, because I feel people's emotions so deeply, I need to protect myself.

So when I said no to this former friend, to something that wasn't going to be emotionally & energetically healthy for me, that was the end of our lifelong friendship.

This happened about two years ago but this was the first time I saw her since then.

'Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over & over again.'

But I will tell you, it was HARD. It brought up a lot of the 'stuff' I had thought I had cleared. And in writing this, I am still clearing out the energy of the weekend. (It was a two day event.)

But what I will tell you is that I don't regret any of it.

I know, that as hard as last weekend was for me, it would've been worse for me to say yes to her.. In doing that, I would have forsaken myself- for what was best for ME.

Saying no to her was part of my evolution as a soul. In recent years, this lesson has come up for me with various important people in my life.  It is the lesson my soul needed to learn. If I didn't say no to her, the lesson would have come around in another form. Until we learn our soul's lessons, they keep coming back, over and over again, until we learn what it is we need to learn. And so, I can finally say, I easily say no with ease and grace to things that aren't right for me.

That being said, the sadness and grieving I did for the loss of the relationship came to the surface last weekend. It had to be shed and cleared again. It didn't make it any less painful, but this is how healing occurs, shedding one layer at a time, over and over again.

In today's Energy Healing Toolkit, I share with you a way to tap into your intuition to access that part of you that knows what is right for you. We all know what is best for us, and sometimes that comes at the expense of what other people want us to do. Nevertheless, when we tap into our intuition, we get our truth.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. We can work together in person or over Zoom. The result is the same!

In-person healing sessions are offered in Woodbury, Long Island.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

Tapping into your Intuition

"The quieter you become the more you are able to hear." - Rumi

This quote is not about hearing others speak. It is about hearing your own intuition.

Dean Koontz says, "Intuition is seeing with the soul." 

When you can quiet your mind, you can hear your intuition. A busy mind is so focused on overthinking that it isn't able to look inward.

Let's get quiet and tap into the eyes of the soul:

1. Sit on your knees on a yoga mat or blanket on the floor. Place another blanket or pillow underneath your knees for comfort.

2.  Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

3.  Ask yourself a question that you want to know the answer to. It can be something you want clarity on. You might want to get next steps for a project or career move. You can ask about something for your or a family member's highest good and healing.

4. Gently start tapping the space in between your eyebrows while saying the following affirmations aloud:

*I am clear *I know my own voice *I am connected to my own inner vision and trust it *I am free of family beliefs that limit my truth *I am true to myself and hear the voice of my soul *I am intuitive

5. Repeat the tapping and affirmations four or five times.

6. Gently press your forehead into the yoga mat or blanket (child's pose) and take two deep breaths.  7. Go inward and ask to hear the voice of your intuition in answer to your initial question. What is it saying to you? Stay in this pose for five minutes allowing your intuition to talk to you and guide you.

8. Sit up, take a deep breath and say, "I hear and trust my intuition. And so it is."

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