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Do you want to know the #1 thing you should be doing energetically? It is to PROTECT your energy. Your energy is sacred. Your energy is holy. Your energy definitely needs to cleared. But most importantly, it needs to be protected. So, how do you do that? Well, you can read about an awesome way to clear and shield HERE on my blog. But what I want to talk about here, are the small things that you can do, every single minute of every day, to protect your energy. I posted this image on my Instagram and it got a lot of awesome feedback.

Image is via : twitter & ig: lovethediosa Its message resonated with so many people because it makes so much sense.   These practical (but not always easy-to-execute) things all have one thing in common. Do you know what it is? They all are self-care practices that require you to tune into what YOU want and need to honor yourself.  So many of us feel like we can’t say no, change our minds or cancel on people. We feel guilty doing nothing, sleeping in or craving time for ourselves. Many of us have trouble moving on and letting go. Others fear change. But… I am here to tell you it is okay to do this. Actually, it is imperative! It is also your right. We all know, deep down, what our body, mind and spirit need. However, we often don’t listen to the voice of our souls. How does this happen?

We are taught that the answers we seek are outside of ourselves. However, every answer we need is inside of us. We need to get quiet so we can hear what we crave and need. And then we need to honor that choice. This can come as setting boundaries with others, taking time to be alone, giving yourself permission to change your mind, let go and move on. And you need to be able to do this without explaining yourself. Save the above image to your phone or computer. Read it often to remind yourself it is okay (no, imperative) to protect your energy. In today’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I help you tap into the voice of your soul. It knows what you need to do to protect your energy. In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me. Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

How To Hear The Voice Of Your Soul

The voice of your soul is your truest voice. It knows what you need to protect your energy. It knows what you need to honor yourself. When you tap into the voice of your soul, you tap into the essence of what your higher self (your true self) needs. It is always a loving and nurturing voice, one which is gentle and wants what’s best for you. It guides you to restore and relax. It nudges you to set boundaries. It encourages you to release people pleasing patterns to your detriment. Are you ready to hear the voice of your soul? 1) Set the intention to hear the voice of your soul. Set the intention to tune into what you need to do to honor and protect your energy. 2) Take five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 3) Gently start tapping your forehead, in between your eyebrows, while saying the following affirmations aloud: *I am hearing the voice of my soul. *It speaks to me clearly. *I hear its guidance. *I am listening to it tell me how to protect my energy. *The voice of my soul will never steer me wrong. *I trust the guidance I get and follow its advice as an act of self-care and self-love. *It is my birthright to protect my energy. 4) Repeat the tapping and affirmations four or five times. 5) Place your hand over your heart and listen to the messages you receive.

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