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When you feel the calling, you follow it.

I’ve worked in a deep 1-1 container with women and men for many years now. It’s an incredible space to be held so deeply, seen so fully, and to heal what is coming up for you.

I meet with my 1-1 clients in person and online and the shifts that happen in our hour together, blow my mind.

I’ve supported through the multiple modalities of energy healing I use, those with physical health concerns, toxic or concerns with relationships with lovers & friends, healing after divorce, clearing their energy so they can scale in their business, agreements from a Past Life, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, heartbroken, control, and re-connecting to their souls purpose.

You name it, we’ve cleared it.

So many come to me and say:

I just want to be on the other side of this feeling…

If you know something is happening inside of you, there’s something you need to heal, unconver, release, let go of…

But you’re unsure of how to move that stuck energy…

Then I invite you to join me in my 4 or 8 week healing container.

Normally, I offer single sessions or packages of sessions.

I wanted to find a way to support the women I work with in between those sessions.

A place where you can continue to connect the dots, ask for healings, share updates, have breakthroughs, and have me energetically working on you even in between our sessions for either 4 or 8 weeks.

I’ve seen my own life change by having space held for me in between sessions and to have someone in my corner.

This is for someone who has a willingness and is ready to trust and surrender. You desire to feel lighter.

If you already know this is meant to be yours,  send me an email and we can see if this is the next best step for you.

Container includes:

4 or 8 Weekly Hour Long Sessions

Distance/Remote Healing (I do this work in between our sessions)

Support through messenger in between our sessions

Access to the Magical Meditation Membership series for the months we work together

Holding space for you,


Let’s connect should you have any questions or to discuss how we might be able to work together

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