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  • Marci Baron

Exactly two years ago, I attended a manifestation workshop hosted by Jennifer Pastiloff.

In this transformative workshop, we did yoga, danced, cried, wrote and kicked our fears to the curb.

One of the many things I did that day was to write a letter to myself from a person who has unconditional love for me. It was from the point of view from the person who believes in me so much and never doubts my ability to succeed, always sees my strengths and is always cheering me on.

I wrote myself a letter from my mother.

And here it is:

Dear Marci,

There isn’t anything you can’t do, be or have. I only wish you saw yourself through my eyes as the most beautiful, capable, loving, strong and independent goddess worthy of everything good and holy.

There isn’t anything to hold you back – except yourself.

As a child, I saw your fearless spirit, unbelievable courage, and never ending creativity. Tap into that every day. It is always within you, for you to tap into.

Stop putting fear on the screen. Allow and let yourself to receive the beauty of the world.

I named you Malka (that’s my Hebrew name) because you are a queen. You deserve a king. You deserve all of life’s blessings. Wear your crown with your head held high because you have earned it.

All my unconditional love always- Mom

I wrote that to myself two years ago, when I was miserable at my day job, futilely ‘trying again’ with Mr. Wrong, and in an intense healing period where I was releasing my negative thinking and limiting beliefs about myself.

I think Jennifer Pastiloff’s purpose in the letter writing exercise was to help me step outside of my limiting beliefs. It allowed me to speak to myself as my mother would. She knows my worthiness, my greatness, and my limitless potential – even when at that time, I was unsure.

When I reread that letter, I think of how far I have come.

I believe it is all true now.

Oprah says, “When you believe you are worthy, your life will reflect your worthiness.”

And because of all of the energy healing work I have done, I see the shift in my life reflecting of this higher vibration. My life is reflecting back my worthiness. I have shed the fears and invited an incredible shift in my professional and personal life.

I have released toxic relationships- both friendships and romantic. I now have my dream business, being the Homeward Bound Guide, being a conduit  of healing via private sessions and workshops. Overall, I am a much happier and lighter vibrating person!

And here’s the thing.

We all are worthy of everything amazing.

It is our birthright, in fact!

We are meant to have it all.

In this week’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I share with you the steps for you to write yourself a letter from someone who gives you unconditional love and support. If you do write this letter, and feel comfortable sharing it with me, just respond to this email! I will cheer you on!

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit A Letter to Myself

1) Take out your journal or bring up an empty word document on your computer.

2) Think of someone who loves and supports you unconditionally. It can be anyone living or who has passed away. If you can’t think of anyone in your life, write it from your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is the angel assigned to you from birth who supports and guides your life path. Your angel has unconditional love for you.

3) Start your letter with ‘Dear _______,’ Insert your name in the blank.

4) Write your letter without judgement or holding back. Let this person cheer you on and give you the words of support you need to hear. Don’t edit yourself.

5) Spend a few minutes writing this letter covering all areas of your life.

6) When you are finished, sign the letter from whomever you imagine it is from.

7) Reread your letter and date it.

8) Keep it in a safe place and read it often.

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