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Time does NOT heal all wounds. In fact, with most things, the passing of time makes things worse. Why? Because you have to be, as Oprah says, ‘continually excavating the long buried wounds you’ve hidden beneath layers of a protective shell.’

These wounds are constantly running an outdated and often dysfunctional program in your life. It is the skewed lens in which you are viewing the world, the people and the events around you. It can be a lens of abandonment, guilt, shame, sadness, unworthiness, fear, anger or any other uncomfortable emotion that is rooted back in trauma from some past hurt. And this doesn’t go away until you deal with it. This deep rooted pain, very often from childhood, is running the show. Your inner child is screaming out to be comforted and loved.

Many people wonder why they are stuck in patterns that they can’t free themselves from. They don’t understand why they can’t move forward and attract all the wonderful things they desire. So many are also suffering from chronic illness. Two weeks ago, I saw the documentary “Heal.” In this film, they discuss the impact that your unprocessed emotional traumas have on your physical health. The build up of this energy causes dis-ease and ultimately, for many, full fledged chronic conditions or disease.

The incredible message of the film is that we have the power to heal our lives through our thoughts, intentions and re-training ourselves to understand that our symptoms, whether emotional or physical, are trying to tell us something. Your inner child is trying to talk to you through your emotions. If you listen to your inner child, you will understand what needs to be healed. You just have to have that awareness and want to do your soul work. In today’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I give you guidance on how to identify your Inner Child wound(s). In my practice, I have had much success healing the Inner Child. I use three modalities, The Body Code, Guided Visualization and Energy Healing to release the trauma. You can learn more about this process HERE.  In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

How To Heal Your Inner Child

1) Identify: Pick an area you are struggling with in your life. Is it with relationships, work, health, etc.?  For this exercise, I am going to use a case study of a client. She was struggling in several areas of her life. She felt she always settled- in her relationships, in jobs and with friendships. She felt she couldn’t make herself happy and didn’t go after the things she wanted to make her happy. In other words, she knew she was struggling but felt powerless.  What about you? Where are you struggling? Write them down.

2) Examine: How is this making you feel? What emotion is this bringing up the most? There might be more than one. For my client, it brings up frustration, abandonment and unworthiness. What about you? How did these events make you feel? Write them down.

3) Connect: Look back into your childhood. What happened to you in your childhood where you can first remember feeling this way? For my client, her brother was always in trouble so she always had to be the good child. Her needs were never attended to because her parents’ focus was always on the brother. She also felt she couldn’t verbalize her needs because her parents were so overwhelmed by her brother’s needs.  Therefore, she always pushed her needs to the side. This is the first time where she felt she settled and felt powerless to do anything about it. What about you? Write down for each feeling the first time you felt this way.

4) Extrapolate: Why are you in this pattern today? My client was able to connect that one day, her brother just left one day unexpectedly. He went into a group home. Her brother was gone without any notice and she felt abandoned. She also felt it was her fault. On an unconscious level, as a young child, she realized she felt that if she was good enough, he wouldn’t have left her.  She internalized all of this trauma and its playing out in her adult life as unworthiness, frustration and settling.  What about you? Connect the dots in your own life and write it down. You now have awareness around healing your inner child. By doing this exercise, you can actively move forward in releasing the trapped emotions associated with the traumas and heal the timeline.

If you want more information on how I can help you with this, you might want to check out my new service, Inner Child Healing.  No matter what you decide, awareness is the first step.

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