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  • Marci Baron

People ask me all the time, “Marci, how did you heal your life so radically?”

My answer to them is, “I was willing to do my work.”

And with that willingness came a commitment to show up to do my work every. single. day.

What does that mean?

For everyone it’s different but for me, I went for energy healing every week for two years straight. I cleared layer after layer of trauma, limiting beliefs and doubt.

I would meditate, do yoga, say affirmations, be in nature and journal. I did Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping, every single day before I left for work. I worked with the energy of crystals. I released old friendships and romantic relationships that weren’t serving my highest good.

I read books, took workshops and on-line courses. I sought out people that I admired and could feel the good vibes emanating from them.

I started my own direct sales business. I learned so many valuable business tools all while earning money to quit my day job to become a full time energy healer. I did what I had to do until I could do what I wanted to.

As you can see, I took guided action each and every single day to propel my life forward.

I wanted to heal from my parents’ divorce, the loss of a child, my own divorce, and my damaged self-esteem. As I started to heal, I then set the ultimate goal- to work for myself! I did what I needed to do until I could do what I wanted to!

I showed up every day, in some form of another, to do my work.

And when I needed to, I would rest, play and have fun as these are all essential to self-care and healing.

And yes, sometimes I fell back. But, I always said to myself, “This is another moment to start anew. You have to make a different choice to have a different result.”

I kept aligning my choices with how I wanted to feel. For me, I wanted to feel balanced and full of joy. As I became more in tune with myself and what made me feel this way, it became very clear what felt heavy and what wasn’t serving my highest good. I knew I couldn’t fail!

Each moment brings anew chance to realign with experiencing well being. That is the choice, each and every one of us, can make over and over again, each and every day.

In this week’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I share with you one of my healing rituals that will instantly make you feel balanced and relaxed.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

Chakra Balancing Epsom Salt Bath

Salt water is very calming and detoxing. Swimming in the ocean, or in this case, soaking in your tub, will instantly cleanse your aura and increase your health and vitality.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Fill your bath with water, two cups of Epsom salts and lavender essential oil. You might want to set the mood with candles and music. You can also put your crystals in the tub with you. Check to make sure your crystals can be placed in water.

2) Set the intention that you are going to clear and balance your chakras.

3) While soaking for twenty minutes, use a counter clockwise spin over your chakras to spin out any dark spots or heavy energy. Start close to your body, working your way up, and then flick it away. Spin out three times.

4) Use a clockwise spin with your hand, from far over your body, moving the energy from above, closer to your body. Visualize each chakra as bright, clear and vibrant. Picture the jewel tone color that corresponds with each chakra spiraling into that space.

5) As you are spinning in the color, use the following mantras to help balance the energies:

Root: I am safe

Sacral: I am creative

Solar Plexus: I am strong

Heart: I am loved

Throat: I am expressive

Third Eye: I am connected

Crown: I am Divine

6) Drain the tub while sitting in it. Imagine your body clearing any energy that no longer serves you as it washes down the drain.

7) Stand up and turn on the shower and rinse off the salt. As the water pours over your body, visualize a brilliant white light clearing away everything that no longer serves you and your chakras.

8) Exit the bath, dry off, and lay down to reflect on the experience. Say aloud, “My chakras are clear and balanced. And so it is.”

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