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Do you resist change?

Many people do and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

But here is the thing… change is the only thing we can count on.

Everything is constantly changing, whether we like it or not.

Change is the vehicle which allows us to transform and grow.

Barbara DeAngelis says, “When we try to keep things the same, we often end up holding onto people and situations we shouldn’t. We ignore the possibilities for transformation that are presented to us…Resistance to change is one of the most common and deadly ways you may be undermining your growth.”

Such wise words.

Many people, myself included, hoard and hold onto what no longer serves us because we fear change.

We hold onto a job we are miserable at. We hold onto relationships that no longer make us happy. We hold onto habits that bring us down.

What is that you hold onto that isn’t serving you?

Moving forward in life always costs us the past. Everything that we gain always costs us what we must let go of.

Growth can feel really uncomfortable. It can be scary. It can be painful.

Change involves letting go. And that means letting go of people whom we once loved. It means letting go of situations that are no longer serving our greatest good. It means letting go of bad habits so we can move forward into the life that is waiting for us.

For a caterpillar, going into that chrysalis is probably really scary. It doesn’t know what is happening. It is dark and uncomfortable and unknown. But it emerges as a beautiful butterfly- able to fly and create life! What a miraculous transformation.

If the butterfly was able to say no to the change, say no to the chrysalis and ultimately, say no to the transformation, it would stay a caterpillar. But its whole life purpose is designed for bigger and better! It just has to trust, not resist and surrender to life’s flow. We are the exactly the same! It is in our DNA to reach our fullest potential in all areas of our lives.

It is through allowing change that we grow and transform. And isn’t that ultimately what we all want?

In today’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I offer you The Power of Letting Go. This is a very practical exercise to identify and release what you are holding onto so that you can receive something new and head in a different direction.  What can you let go of today? I’d love to hear from you!

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

The Power of Letting Go

The universe loves a vacuum. It doesn’t try to give you something new when your hands are full or if you are holding onto something that isn’t serving you. It doesn’t give you something new until you make space to receive it.

In order to grow, you have to let go of where you are. Look at the above image of the trapeze. The woman was safe and comfortable holding onto her partner and swinging back and forth. And then, she decided to have a new experience, to swing from her own space. It took a lot of courage to let go of that predictability, to change direction and reach for the other bar. But imagine the freedom! The exhilaration! The feeling of accomplishment!