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People have been asking me lately how to lead a more spiritual life. In my practice, I help people connect to their higher (Third Eye and Crown) chakras, so that they can lead from a place with connecting to their higher selves.

But, we are living a human life. Here on Earth. Right at this very moment. Every single day. And it can be hard!

So what I have been thinking a lot about is how to live a more balanced life. A more human life. A life guided by spirituality but rooted in being comfortable in the physical plane.

There is an important synergy between the upper and lower chakras. The upper chakras strive for Enlightenment. The lower chakras strive for Enrealment. We can actually use the higher vibrations of the upper chakras to coach the slower vibrating lower chakras to create balance.

Danielle LaPorte says, “Spiritual practice won’t make you superhuman. But, it will make you fall in love with your humanity.”

I know we are spirit in human form. I know that our lives are meant for us to awaken to the fact that we are one with the universe, on a path to remember our divine nature, and that EVERYTHING is possible.

We chose to be in this dense vibration to learn the lessons of our soul. So it is worth our while to learn how to be more human and to navigate the physical plane. Some of us are just awakening to this truth.

I know a man who lives in his Third Eye and Crown chakras. He meditates so deeply and is psychic but has a hard time living an human life. He is uncomfortable in his body, has difficulty loving himself, and has resistance making ends meet.

In contrast, I know another man who is completely unaware of the spiritual realm. He is motivated by ego, work, money and Earthly possessions that the very talk of spirituality makes him visibly uncomfortable.

So how do we live a balanced life? We need both aspects but not so extreme as in the above examples.

The truth is very simple.

We need to lead from our hearts. It is as simple and complicated as that.

Lead from your heart. Love yourself more. Be YOU. When you do these things, you naturally walk the the path of a more spiritual life. And, effortlessly, you are able to live a more balanced, human life as well.  

In this week’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I offer you ways to energetically link your upper chakras to ‘coach’ your lower chakras so that you can utilize the higher vibrations to take grounded action here on Earth. And, of course, we will anchor them in your heart.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci

Energy Healing Toolkit

How to Energetically Hook Up Your Higher Chakras to Coach Your Lower Chakras

1) First, you need to clear your chakras. You can do this exercise in the bath or seated.