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Seeing with New Eyes: 2020 Vision Ahead 


Monday, Jan 13


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Seeing With New Eyes: 2020 Vision Ahead


In this new year and new decade, we are going to use the power of creative visualization and guided meditation to co-create your heaven on Earth.


What are your greatest desires?


What do you want to call in and step into in this new decade?


As Wayne Dyer says, “I will see it when I believe it.”


You have the power to create your desired reality through visualizing your desired timeline.


Every single thing in this world was created by a single idea.


Join me for this online meditation to see with new eyes, pave a clear path to your vision, and be able to step into the life of your dreams.


Seeing With New Eyes: 2020 Vision Ahead

Date: Monday, January 13th

Time: 7pm EST

Where: Online via Zoom

*replay available if you can’t make it live

Exchange: $20 for single meditation - $33 for bundle of two meditations this month