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For the longest time, I thought that life was supposed to be a certain way—fun friends, a career that fulfilled me, a beautiful home, and a happy family to complete the perfect package. I truly believed that it was these things that would bring me joy and happiness in my life.

So I did everything I was “supposed” to do. I followed the path I was “supposed” to be following, and I created the life that I “should have” loved. But somewhere deep inside of me knew all along that I was not following my soul’s desire. I had heard my soul’s whisper, and ignored it, and found myself entrenched in people pleasing patterns and things that looked good on paper. I was terrified of criticism, and it was this fear that kept my soul quiet and my feet moving forward on the road I had started down.

And I lived like this for 30 years. It wasn’t until I hit some very trying times that I was forced to wake up and examine my life. I realized that while I hadn’t listened to my intuition or followed my heart in fear of criticism, it was my own inner dialogue, my own inner critic, that had held me hostage all of these years.

I began to dive deep into my inner psyche to break free of my inner critic, this critic’s limiting beliefs, and all of the repressed grief that had built up after years of not listening to my soul. Talk therapy helped me identify exactly what was necessary to heal, but it didn’t actually provide the healing I needed. It wasn’t until a few years later, through energy balancing and clearing techniques, that true healing occurred and real change was finally able to manifest.

Marianne Williamson says,

“Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we have to worry about being heard vs. being loved.”


What I have come to 

realize is that happiness is an inside job.

The reason we are here on earth is to grow. All of the hardships we experience are meant help us become more heart centered and compassionate people–first for ourselves and then for others. Once I was able to view my life as a classroom, a place where my soul was to learn its lessons, life became less of a struggle. Instead of asking, "why is this happening TO me," I now ask, "why is this happening FOR me?"


Today, I rule my life from a place of ease and authentic power. I not only listen to my soul’s voice, but that voice has become my own. Every day I “walk my talk” because I live my life in alignment with what I really want and am no longer afraid to speak up.

Because of my own remarkable healing journey, I pursued training to become an energy healer. Helping others clear the way to their own transformation and alignment has become my life’s passion. I have finally found the way home and know that helping other women is my soul’s purpose. My mission is to bring transformation to as many women as possible to give them the tools to change their lives.  Marci Baron-Energy Healer