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Soul Fragment Retrieval


Wednesday, Jan 22


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Soul Fragment Retrieval Meditation 


The essence of who we are never dies.


That is because energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed or transmuted.


Through our many incarnations in the physical body, pieces of ourselves, of our energy, can fragment.


Why does this happen?


What happens as a result of this fragmentation?


And how do we reclaim these pieces of ourselves?


Join me for this online meditation to learn about the importance of soul retrieval, how to call those parts of you back, cleansed, clear and able to integrate into your physical body.


Soul Fragment Retrieval Meditation 

Date: Wednesday, January 22nd

Time: 7pm EST

Where: Online via Zoom

*replay available if you can’t make it live

Exchange: $20 for single meditation - $33 for bundle of two meditations this month