Your Toolkit

There are many things that I do to take care of my energy field on a daily basis. Just like I brush my teeth, take a shower, and exercise every day for my physical health, I do things every day to take care of my energy field. I am not perfect and don’t do all of these things every single day but I aim high and try to do these on most days.

Meditation: When I wake up, I meditate. Check out Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Experience. They offer free 21-day Meditation Challenges around a theme. Or you could download one of their programs and have access to it anytime.

Energy Balance: I also love Donna Eden’s Five Minute Energy Routine. Donna’s routine is simple and effective for you to boost your vitality and to re-balance your energy field.

Yoga is my favorite way to spend an hour. This article explains which poses balance your chakras. Yoga is a full mind, body and spirit workout. Check out a class near you to get the full community experience. I know you will love it!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is my favorite way to get unstuck quickly. Brad Yates is the master! Learn about EFT HERE and then browse his extensive library to clear out fear and other uncomfortable emotions. You can even tap on physical pain as it is often rooted in energetic blocks.

Affirmations: I love affirmations! Louise Hay is the groundbreaking pioneer who realized that the thoughts you think and the story you tell yourself effects your body, mind and spirit. Wonderful things can happen if you change the way you talk to yourself. You Can Heal Your Life is my go-to book to help my clients (and myself) for affirmations.

Sage is my absolute favorite way to clear energy. It has been used for for thousands of years by shamans and native cultures. Click HERE to buy sage. Click HERE to learn more about sage and how to clear your aura.

Epsom Salts: Epsom salt baths are another great way to clear energy. Take two cups of salt and put in a running tub. Add lavender essential oils. Soak for ten to twenty minutes. Drain the tub while still sitting in it. Imagine your body clearing any energy that no longer serves you as it washes down the drain. While the water is draining, visualize a golden white light above you coming down through your entire body. Stand up and turn on the shower to rinse off the salt. Again, imagine the water as white light clearing away everything that no longer serves you.

Essential oils have become part of my daily toolkit just recently. They are incredible and not just because they smell great. They have true medicinal value for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. I am obsessed with Young Living oils because of their amazing quality. Click HERE to check them out.

Positivity: I also have made my social media feed filled with positive messages. Doreen Virtue, Karen Salmansohn, Jennifer Pastiloff, Iyanla Venzant, Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer…they all post uplifting and wonderful content in their own, unique ways.

Angel Oracle Cards: Get a deck of angel oracle cards. Doreen Virtue or Kyle Gray have my favorite decks. Pick the deck that calls to you. It is very easy to do. You can’t get it wrong. I love starting or ending my day with a card.

Jewelry: My favorite store is Say La Vie! I love Jane—she makes all of the jewelry herself with heart and soul. She ships everywhere!

Makeup: Judi at Be Beauteous is the best! She is a true artist and always does my makeup and brows. Her facials are so relaxing too!