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Everyone thrives in a supportive community. When you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are there to motivate you, encourage you and create the space for you to clear your way home, you can feel safe enough to let go of your fears and disempowering beliefs. All of my groups and workshops are created with the intention to bring a safety blanket of love to the women who participate.

Group Programs will mostly take place on the phone with online support and follow up in between calls. Workshops will be live and will range from 2-hr sessions to half-day events.

Sample topics for Group Programs and Workshops are below (i.e.):

  • Discovering Your Voice & Stepping Into Your Authentic Power
  • Squeegeeing Your Energy Field
  • From Chaos to Calm: Cleansing Your Home
  • Tuning Into Your Inner Goddess & Divine Feminine
  • The Intuition Kickstart
  • Meditation 101
  • Chakra Clearing

Check out my upcoming events below for information on my upcoming Groups & Workshops or connect for more information.

I attended Marci’s Chakra Balancing Workshop in December of 2014.

As self-development junkie I have taken many courses but none like Marci’s. She did a beautiful job synthesizing her years of accumulated knowledge!

I learned so much new information and have been able to integrate it into my life. Marci was very generous in her content and truly a delight to learn from! I would highly recommend her workshop whether you are new or seasoned to healing. Melissa B.


Have you ever wished you could take time out of your life and focus on restoring your emotional, physical and/or spiritual well-being? Taking time away from your daily routine allows you to step away from the distractions of life to reboot your life in a beautiful setting with like-minded women. My retreats are designed to recharge and replenish your body, mind and spirit with energy healing workshops, pampering and play.

Retreats will range from 1 day to multi days/nights, and can include meditation yoga, grounding exercises, energy healing, angel card readings, chakra rebalancing, etc.

Check out my upcoming events below for information on my upcoming Retreats or
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upcoming events

Clear Your Way Home Signature Group Program, online via Zoom and Facebook

7 PM
– 8 PM

I’m excited to present to you…

My brand new 4 week signature program, “Clear your Way Home”

As a child you knew that you were flawless, that you were powerful, that anything was possible. You were connected to yourself, to the present moment, and to others, effortlessly. The world was your playground, and those around you, your friends.

And then something changed. You lost sight of that knowing. You began traveling far from home.

Home means arriving at who you are, without the labels, without the roles, without the stuff.

Home is the place where you finally land after searching outside of yourself for so long. It’s the voice that whispers, “there’s more…”

Home means infinite peace, joy and limitless potential. And it’s waiting for you to return when you’re ready.

I created this program for you, the woman who is ready to return home.

  • If you are a woman who realizes there is more to life and is ready to grow into your greatest potential…
  • If you want to thrive instead of just survive….
  • If you are done waiting and ready to start living a life that you love…

Then it’s time to begin.

This program will empower you to act from an authentic place, from a place of love and self-nurturance for herself and others.  You will be heard from a place of strength and grace.

When we repress who we really are and what we really want, we build up energetic blocks within. This program helps provide a clearing of these blocks to create the space for you to find your way back to center, to find your way back home.

Imagine yourself, having a life that thrills you. You feel peace, calm, having your desires, and feeling strong in powerful in who you are. You’ve embodied that new sense of purpose and direction!

I know you, because I was you. I felt that lost feeling, knowing I was meant for more, but wasn’t sure where to begin. We’re not meant to find our way home alone, and now I’ll be with you as your guide on your journey.

After we have cleared, I will teach you to care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self through energetic self-care modalities as well as other self-care techniques that have helped me through my journey. Taking care of your energy field is like brushing your teeth and washing your hair. You need to care for your energetic field the way you care for your physical body.

If you feel the calling in your heart & are ready to begin your journey home, I welcome you to reach out, send me a message & see if “Clear Your Way Home” is the next best step for you!


  • 4 Week Group Program beginning on May 1st
  • Weekly Trainings, Meditations, and Tools to support you on your journey
  • FB Community Support to have guidance by your favorite homeward bound guide 😉
  • Pay in Full Discounts & Payment plans available to support you in this opportunity

I’ll see you inside.

I want to go!


Speaking in front of groups of people comes naturally to me. It is one of my deepest passions to inspire and empower women to find their own way back to themselves and back to their soul’s deepest desires.

I believe that there no need to be perfect to inspire others. I have turned my mess into my message and my wounds into my wisdom. I want people to be inspired by how I deal with my imperfections and life’s messiness. I have finally found the way home and know that helping other women is my soul’s purpose.

Talks can be catered to meet your individual organization’s specific needs and objectives.

Samples of speaking topics are below :

  • Unraveling The Onion & Finding Your Call
    • The layers of limiting beliefs can be stripped away to find your calling on this earth. Learn how to listen to your soul’s voice and intuition to find the unique mission you are supposed to fulfill on earth. There is no one like you- unravel the onion and step up to claim your place!
  • Defining Your Home And Charting Your Path
    • Who are you really and where are you headed? Learn how to listen to your intuition to map the way to your heart to find that are you are never really lost- all roads lead home to your soul.
  • Turning Your Mess Into Your Message: From Pain to PURPOSE
    • Do you ever wonder why you are here? You were given (or signed up for) the lessons of this lifetime to develop into the unique and spectacular version of you! You will identify the patterns in your life, which will ultimately lead you to discover the lessons of this lifetime. Who knew that making sense of the mess could be so liberating?!
  • Reclaiming The Throne of Your Internal Castle
    • Do you feel like you are just barely keeping it together OR would you rather rule from a place of authentic power? Reclaim your throne as the queen of your life and get a handle on the inner workings of you. Once you do, you will have greater self-esteem which will bring you joy and ultimately set you on course to live the life you are destined to live!

Check out upcoming events above for information on my upcoming speaking engagements or let’s connect to discuss my involvement at your next speaking engagement.