How To Soothe Your Ego

Your ego is your identity.  Wayne Dyer says, ‘The ego defines ourselves in terms of:   I am what I have  I am what I do  I am what other people think of me I'm separate from everybody else  I'm separate from what's missing in my life I'm separate from more

Intensive Healing Container

  When you feel the calling, you follow it.   I’ve worked in a deep 1-1 container with women and men for many years now. It’s an incredible space to be held so deeply, seen so fully, and to heal what is coming up for you.   I meet with my 1-1 clients in person and more

5 Rituals in 5 Minutes

  Doesn't it seem like life is speeding up and everyone is so busy? Everything seems to be moving at lightning speed and at a frenetic pace. There is so much playing out on a global level bringing up fear, anger and heartache. Everyone I know seems to be going through many personal challenges and more

Self-Love Morning Ritual

Everyone I know, including myself, has been feeling the intense energy of the past several weeks. I am not an astrologer, but I know that the moon, sun and planets have a big effect here on Earth. There were power outages in NY and CA on a day when there were big solar flares coming from the sun. So more

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

  Three to four times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde. This event lasts three weeks, and includes a shadow period before and after. The shadow period is when you feel the effects, but not as intensely. You might have heard about this, but aren't sure what it all means. The planets, moon and sun more

20 Affirmations to Heal Your Root Chakra

Our Root Chakra represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. It is our energetic center of safety, security and stability. It is located at the tail bone. Here are 20 affirmations for you to raise the vibration of your Root Chakra: I am always safe. I love my body. My home more

How To Soothe Your Heart From Grief

  This time of year always sucks for me. Like really f'ckin sucks. Sorry, but not sorry... but that is my truth. Fifteen years ago, this week, my 1 lb. 12 oz micro-preemie infant passed away. His name was Benjamin. He was born too soon- at 25 weeks (typical pregnancies are 40 more

How To Identify The Lesson of Your Soul

Last week, I wrote about my repeating lesson. Today, I want to help you identify yours. Life is a one room school house where we all incarnate to learn the lessons of our soul. We each have an individualized curriculum, depending on what it is that we need to learn. Our lessons are unique to more

How to Use the Full Moon to Let Go

I am not an astrologist but I do believe there are universal forces that act on us that have a huge impact. The effects of these cosmic events are far greater than we can ever know. With awareness of these cycles, we can harness the energy of them and do healing work for maximum effectiveness and more

How to Clear Yourself From Unwanted Energy

We've all felt it before- that draining feeling being around certain people. Not only do you feel drained, but you instantly feel moody, angry and upset out of nowhere! There is a name for people like this- Energy Vampires! The above is a funny joke but Energy Vampires are a real more