How To Heal Your Inner Child

Time does NOT heal all wounds. In fact, with most things, the passing of time makes things worse. Why? Because you have to be, as Oprah says, 'continually escavating the long buried wounds you've hidden beneath layers of a protective shell.' These wounds are constantly running an outdated and often more

How To Set Yourself Free From The Prison of your Mind

  Early next week, we will celebrate Independence Day here in the States. It is the day that the USA declared its independence from England. Note that again: we declared, that in no uncertain terms, that we were free from the tyrannical rule of the King of England. The actual freedom came later (via more

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Healing is a journey into the unknown. It takes guts and courage to face the pain and discomfort that you would rather bury. Sometimes it even requires taking risks into trying new things that might seem uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Doing this work can get messy. Every client asks me if there is a more

An Easy Grounding & Balancing Healing Exercise

  With all of the constant craziness going on in the world, nerves are frayed, tempers are short, and lots of people are constantly stressed and anxious. The question I pose for you is, What are you doing to take care of yourself? The greatest gift you can give to anyone is to give to more

6 Typical Signs of Remembrance of a Past Life

  Over the summer of 2016, for five transforming days in July, I trained with Brian Weiss, M.D., the world's most preeminent authority in Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy. One hundred fifty people, from all over of the world, attended this immersive and comprehensive training at Omega more

8 Easy Ways to Clear & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

  Have you ever walked into a room and the energy just felt awful? You don't know why, but the air felt heavy and you wanted to just turn around and run away? Conversely, have you ever entered a room and it instantly put you at ease and you felt peaceful? In the first instance, the energy more

How to Heal The Energetic Root of Addiction

  Painful feelings are just that, painful.  We don't like to feel the distress and discomfort, so we push them away and never fully process or release them. Many of us don't adequately work through the difficulty or allow ourselves to acknowledge when we are feeling sad, overwhelmed, lonely, more

How To Find Your Power Vortex

  TRANSFORMATION can be very uncomfortable! Growing spiritually causes us to evaluate our lives and change the way we do things which elevate our vibrations to a higher level. It is an internal feeling of PRESSURE which causes a lot to shift. It's as if we are forcing through our more

How To Clear The Junk Drawers of Your Body

  When I was twelve years old, I risked my own life to save someone else's. The year was 1982. He was my friend (actually my boyfriend, whatever that means in sixth grade) and in a moment of sheer fearlessness, I surprised myself- even to this day. Three of us were jet skiing in the more

How To Really Let Go!

  Why is letting go so difficult? This question has come up recently in my own life as well as the lives of many people I know. We cling to what 'used to be' because it is what we are used to. But, you can't grow without letting go of where you were. Moving forward in life always more