How To Tap Into Your Higher Self

  Your higher self is that part of you that is eternal and all knowing. It is conscious and expansive. It is the part of you that is leading you on your soul’s journey. And, it’s possible to tune into what it is saying. Your higher self is always communicating with you. It’s more

The #1 Thing You Should Be Doing Energetically

Do you want to know the #1 thing you should be doing energetically? It is to PROTECT your energy. Your energy is sacred. Your energy is holy. Your energy definitely needs to cleared. But most importantly, it needs to be protected. So, how do you do that? Well, you can read about an awesome way to more

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

  Three to four times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde. This event lasts three weeks, and includes a shadow period before and after. The shadow period is when you feel the effects, but not as intensely. You might have heard about this, but aren't sure what it all means. The planets, moon and sun more

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Healing is a journey into the unknown. It takes guts and courage to face the pain and discomfort that you would rather bury. Sometimes it even requires taking risks into trying new things that might seem uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Doing this work can get messy. Every client asks me if there is a more

How To Heal Trauma

Last week, I wrote about the agony of what I went through with the loss of my infant child. You can read about it HERE. That is my story, but we go through loss and experience traumatic events from which we feel like we may never recover. And the triggers, the things that send us reeling, can more

The Importance of Energetic Hygiene

Everyone knows how important it is to take care of the physical body. We learn from an early age to eat right, exercise, brush our teeth and wash our bodies. What I didn't realize until I started receiving energy healing (and then became a practitioner myself) is that energetic hygiene, the act more

How To Balance Your Foot Chakra

Do you feel it is difficult to manifest what you want in your life? Do you sometimes feel stuck or aren't sure where you are headed in the future? Do you sometimes feel lost, have trouble staying focused and accomplishing things? Imagine you are able to manifest and attract what you want! Imagine more

How to Manifest What You Really Want

  Wonderful opportunities are going to manifest for you! Are you ready to receive them? Do you believe that to be true? If you do, then fabulous! If you don't, then you need to remind yourself, "I'll see it when I believe it." To manifest what you want is to first believe more

An Easy Grounding & Balancing Healing Exercise

  With all of the constant craziness going on in the world, nerves are frayed, tempers are short, and lots of people are constantly stressed and anxious. The question I pose for you is, What are you doing to take care of yourself? The greatest gift you can give to anyone is to give to more

How To Heal An Energetic Gut Punch

  Have you ever heard the term 'energetic gut punch'? It is a blow to our Solar Plexus chakra. Right in the gut. Something so painful where we question our self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. A well meaning parent or teacher tries to give you constructive criticism to 'help' you but more