A Simple Way To Balance Your Chakras

    People have been asking me lately how to lead a more spiritual life. In my practice, I help people connect to their higher (Third Eye and Crown) chakras, so that they can lead from a place with connecting to their higher selves. But, we are living a human life. Here on more

How to Heal The Energetic Root of Addiction

  Painful feelings are just that, painful.  We don't like to feel the distress and discomfort, so we push them away and never fully process or release them. Many of us don't adequately work through the difficulty or allow ourselves to acknowledge when we are feeling sad, overwhelmed, lonely, more

How To Open Up To Receiving Love

Do you allow yourself to receive love? For some of us, it is easier and feels safer to give. Why? At an early age, many of us have been conditioned to "only take what you need" or "put others' needs first." Some have been hurt in romantic relationships. Or others are just so used to giving more

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra with Crystals

  Many people think crystals have become very trendy lately but the truth is that their healing properties have been recognized for thousands of years. Crystals play an important role in enhancing my daily life and those of my family and clients. Not only do I use them in every energy more

How To Hear The Voice Of Your Soul

  Ever notice when you ask someone how they are, they start to rattle off a list of what they have to get done and how busy they are? Maybe you do this too. When I ask, 'How are you?,' I am interested in YOU, not everything that you have to do.  It is an interesting phenomena that more

How To Clear The Junk Drawers of Your Body

  When I was twelve years old, I risked my own life to save someone else's. The year was 1982. He was my friend (actually my boyfriend, whatever that means in sixth grade) and in a moment of sheer fearlessness, I surprised myself- even to this day. Three of us were jet skiing in the more

How To Balance Your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Balancing Exercise Do you feel no connection or guidance from a higher power? Do you feel unworthy of spiritual help? Even if you believe in a higher power, are you spirit driven or ego driven? Are you constantly 'in your head' filled with negative thoughts and they manifest as more

Throat Chakra Balancing

  Do you always speak your truth? Do you say what you feel? You might be comfortable speaking up to some people, but are there other people to which you don't? And when you do communicate, do you then analyze and criticize what you said? Do you fear being called bitchy or needy when you more

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra

    There really are only two emotions- love and fear. Every other emotion is ancillary to love and fear. Joy is love. Forgiveness is love. Compassion is love.  Faith is love. Empowerment is love. Anger is fear.  Blame is fear.  Worry is fear.  Unworthiness is fear.  Guilt more

How To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

  Lately, I have been thinking a lot about creativity and I found this quote: "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." This quote is the absolute truth.  All creative endeavors give our lives passion and meaning. You need not be an artist, musician or more