How To Set Yourself Free From The Prison of your Mind

  Early next week, we will celebrate Independence Day here in the States. It is the day that the USA declared its independence from England. Note that again: we declared, that in no uncertain terms, that we were free from the tyrannical rule of the King of England. The actual freedom came later (via more

How To Create A Sacred Meditation Space

Every day, I go to my meditation space to clear my head, heal my chakras and manifest my desires. Because of this dedicated practice, in this sacred space,  amazing things happen internally and externally. Just this week, I was interviewed and featured in a post on energy healing from US News & more

10 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Healing is a journey into the unknown. It takes guts and courage to face the pain and discomfort that you would rather bury. Sometimes it even requires taking risks into trying new things that might seem uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Doing this work can get messy. Every client asks me if there is a more

How To Soothe Your Heart From Grief

  This time of year always sucks for me. Like really f'ckin sucks. Sorry, but not sorry... but that is my truth. Fifteen years ago, this week, my 1 lb. 12 oz micro-preemie infant passed away. His name was Benjamin. He was born too soon- at 25 weeks (typical pregnancies are 40 more

How to Use the Full Moon to Let Go

I am not an astrologist but I do believe there are universal forces that act on us that have a huge impact. The effects of these cosmic events are far greater than we can ever know. With awareness of these cycles, we can harness the energy of them and do healing work for maximum effectiveness and more

An Easy Grounding & Balancing Healing Exercise

  With all of the constant craziness going on in the world, nerves are frayed, tempers are short, and lots of people are constantly stressed and anxious. The question I pose for you is, What are you doing to take care of yourself? The greatest gift you can give to anyone is to give to more

How to Clear Yourself From Unwanted Energy

We've all felt it before- that draining feeling being around certain people. Not only do you feel drained, but you instantly feel moody, angry and upset out of nowhere! There is a name for people like this- Energy Vampires! The above is a funny joke but Energy Vampires are a real more

How To Take A Deep Breath To Release Anxiety

    "You can't rush your healing Darkness has its teachings Love? is never leaving You can't rush your healing Your healing..." -Trevor Hall I just heard those words in a song in yoga this morning and it is so true! For the longest time, I used to think to more

How To Use The New Moon to Manifest Blessings

    For most of us, the focus is always on the Full Moon. However, the New Moon has an energy of her own that is truly magical. Many cultures, such as Hindu, Hebrew and Chinese, follow the lunar calendar. This means the New Moon dictates the start of the month, despite what the more

How To Hear The Voice Of Your Soul

  Ever notice when you ask someone how they are, they start to rattle off a list of what they have to get done and how busy they are? Maybe you do this too. When I ask, 'How are you?,' I am interested in YOU, not everything that you have to do.  It is an interesting phenomena that more