The Incredible Benefits of Burning Sage

    One of the most effective ways to clear negative energy out of my aura and from my home is to smudge, or to burn sage.  People have smudged since ancient times to cleanse and purify themselves, objects and homes.  Smudging is a very easy way to dispel negative energy very more


Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved to go really, really fast. Remember the quote in the movie Top Gun? “I feel the need- the need for speed!” That was my mantra. On my dad’s speedboat, I would scream for him to go faster, holding on for dear life, but loving every second of it.  In more

Beauty of the Yoga Mat

I love crying on my yoga mat. That’s right- you read that correctly- sobbing uncontrollably on my mat makes me happy. Very often, when something is bothering me, I set the intention for my yoga practice to clear the sadness I am feeling around whatever has come up for me. Yesterday, I still had some more

Am I Being Punk’d?

Remember that show? The one where hot Aston Kutcher set up celebrities in crazy situations where they would panic and couldn’t believe the crazy shit that was happening? You would see the camera pan in, the celebrity would look around in disbelief, scratch his/her head and whisper, “what the fuck more

Murder of One

“All your life is such a shame, shame, shame All your love is just a dream, dream, dream, dream Open up your eyes You can see the flames, flames, flames Of your wasted life You should be ashamed, ashamed, ashamed” -Counting Crows These lyrics haunt me as I listen to them in my house. I tell my more