11 Common Spiritual Flu Symptoms

  Have you ever heard of a 'spiritual flu?' Neither had I until recently. But I also had one over three years ago, while I was in Israel, unbeknownst to me at the time! Late last week, I had a serious physical and emotional breakdown. My eyes were burning up and literally were in pain but more

How To Really Let Go!

  Why is letting go so difficult? This question has come up recently in my own life as well as the lives of many people I know. We cling to what 'used to be' because it is what we are used to. But, you can't grow without letting go of where you were. Moving forward in life always more

How To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

  Lately, I have been thinking a lot about creativity and I found this quote: "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." This quote is the absolute truth.  All creative endeavors give our lives passion and meaning. You need not be an artist, musician or more

Balancing Your Root Chakra

I often get asked, 'Marci, what are chakras and why are they important to clear them?' Great question! Imagine seven spinning whirlpools, lined up along the center line of your body, like jewels on a necklace.               These more

How Decluttering Your Space Brings You Healing

Did you know that decluttering your space can bring about a major healing in your life? How so? You know when you clean out your closet, you take everything out and there is a giant mess on the floor? You need to sort through what you no longer need, what doesn't fit, what you are able to part more

How to Tap into your Intuition

Did you know that every thing you need to know is inside of you? Society tells us that all of the answers we seek are out there. However, every thing we seek, every single answer, can be found within ourselves. We hold all of the knowing within. And the blueprint, the energetic center for this, more

The Importance of Clearing and Shielding your Energy

Are you feeling it? The onslaught of intense energy? I know I am and so are a lot of other people! Excuse my language but a very intuitive friend of mine called September 'an energetic thunderfu*k!' The importance of shielding can not be stressed enough every. single. day.  But especially more

The Incredible Benefits of Burning Sage

    One of the most effective ways to clear negative energy out of my aura and from my home is to smudge, or to burn sage.  People have smudged since ancient times to cleanse and purify themselves, objects and homes.  Smudging is a very easy way to dispel negative energy very more


Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved to go really, really fast. Remember the quote in the movie Top Gun? “I feel the need- the need for speed!” That was my mantra. On my dad’s speedboat, I would scream for him to go faster, holding on for dear life, but loving every second of it.  more

Beauty of the Yoga Mat

I love crying on my yoga mat. That’s right- you read that correctly- sobbing uncontrollably on my mat makes me happy. Very often, when something is bothering me, I set the intention for my yoga practice to clear the sadness I am feeling around whatever has come up for me. Yesterday, I still had more