6 Typical Signs of Remembrance of a Past Life

  Over the summer of 2016, for five transforming days in July, I trained with Brian Weiss, M.D., the world's most preeminent authority in Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy. One hundred fifty people, from all over of the world, attended this immersive and comprehensive training at Omega more

How To Take A Deep Breath To Release Anxiety

    "You can't rush your healing Darkness has its teachings Love? is never leaving You can't rush your healing Your healing..." -Trevor Hall I just heard those words in a song in yoga this morning and it is so true! For the longest time, I used to think to more

How to Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra

When something or someone triggers you in your life that feels uncomfortable, (disagreement, harsh words, pain, etc.) do you react or do you respond? A reaction is an act of loss of control.  It is immediate without regard to consequences or impact.  When you react, you come from a place of more

A Simple Way To Balance Your Chakras

    People have been asking me lately how to lead a more spiritual life. In my practice, I help people connect to their higher (Third Eye and Crown) chakras, so that they can lead from a place with connecting to their higher selves. But, we are living a human life. Here on more

8 Easy Ways to Clear & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

  Have you ever walked into a room and the energy just felt awful? You don't know why, but the air felt heavy and you wanted to just turn around and run away? Conversely, have you ever entered a room and it instantly put you at ease and you felt peaceful? In the first instance, the energy more

How to Heal The Energetic Root of Addiction

  Painful feelings are just that, painful.  We don't like to feel the distress and discomfort, so we push them away and never fully process or release them. Many of us don't adequately work through the difficulty or allow ourselves to acknowledge when we are feeling sad, overwhelmed, lonely, more

How To Use The New Moon to Manifest Blessings

    For most of us, the focus is always on the Full Moon. However, the New Moon has an energy of her own that is truly magical. Many cultures, such as Hindu, Hebrew and Chinese, follow the lunar calendar. This means the New Moon dictates the start of the month, despite what the more

How To Open Up To Receiving Love

Do you allow yourself to receive love? For some of us, it is easier and feels safer to give. Why? At an early age, many of us have been conditioned to "only take what you need" or "put others' needs first." Some have been hurt in romantic relationships. Or others are just so used to giving more

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra with Crystals

  Many people think crystals have become very trendy lately but the truth is that their healing properties have been recognized for thousands of years. Crystals play an important role in enhancing my daily life and those of my family and clients. Not only do I use them in every energy more

How To Create A Vision Board with the Help of Angels

Energy Healing Toolkit How To Create A Vision Board with the Help of Angels In order to change your life, you have to get very clear on how you want your life to look or feel. Follow these action steps to set clear intentions to imagine a bigger and better life for yourself. You are capable of more