How To Soothe Your Ego

Your ego is your identity.  Wayne Dyer says, ‘The ego defines ourselves in terms of:   I am what I have  I am what I do  I am what other people think of me I'm separate from everybody else  I'm separate from what's missing in my life I'm separate from more

Intensive Healing Container

  When you feel the calling, you follow it.   I’ve worked in a deep 1-1 container with women and men for many years now. It’s an incredible space to be held so deeply, seen so fully, and to heal what is coming up for you.   I meet with my 1-1 clients in person and more

Quiz: Which Chakra Needs Balancing?

  Have you ever said the words, "I feel stuck?" This is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from my clients. Once we discuss where they are experiencing blockages, I am able to quickly determine which chakra is predominantly blocked and holding the stagnant energy. But it got more

How To Tap Into Your Higher Self

  Your higher self is that part of you that is eternal and all knowing. It is conscious and expansive. It is the part of you that is leading you on your soul’s journey. And, it’s possible to tune into what it is saying. Your higher self is always communicating with you. It’s more

How To Heal Your Inner Child

Time does NOT heal all wounds. In fact, with most things, the passing of time makes things worse. Why? Because you have to be, as Oprah says, 'continually escavating the long buried wounds you've hidden beneath layers of a protective shell.' These wounds are constantly running an outdated and often more

5 Rituals in 5 Minutes

  Doesn't it seem like life is speeding up and everyone is so busy? Everything seems to be moving at lightning speed and at a frenetic pace. There is so much playing out on a global level bringing up fear, anger and heartache. Everyone I know seems to be going through many personal challenges and more

How To Set Yourself Free From The Prison of your Mind

  Early next week, we will celebrate Independence Day here in the States. It is the day that the USA declared its independence from England. Note that again: we declared, that in no uncertain terms, that we were free from the tyrannical rule of the King of England. The actual freedom came later (via more

How To Create A Sacred Meditation Space

Every day, I go to my meditation space to clear my head, heal my chakras and manifest my desires. Because of this dedicated practice, in this sacred space,  amazing things happen internally and externally. Just this week, I was interviewed and featured in a post on energy healing from US News & more

Self-Love Morning Ritual

Everyone I know, including myself, has been feeling the intense energy of the past several weeks. I am not an astrologer, but I know that the moon, sun and planets have a big effect here on Earth. There were power outages in NY and CA on a day when there were big solar flares coming from the sun. So more

The #1 Thing You Should Be Doing Energetically

Do you want to know the #1 thing you should be doing energetically? It is to PROTECT your energy. Your energy is sacred. Your energy is holy. Your energy definitely needs to cleared. But most importantly, it needs to be protected. So, how do you do that? Well, you can read about an awesome way to more